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AI-powered coaching to help teams write better engineering stories.

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A Note on AI Coaching

While AI has the potential to transform engineering teams' work, relying solely on its output can be risky. Our ultimate goal is to develop an AI-driven coaching system offering tailored guidance for enhancing stories. However, the current feature isn't providing the desired coaching yet. So, we encourage you to critically evaluate its output and not accept it blindly. Treat its suggestions with a grain of salt and continue collaborating with the AI to achieve better results, refining your storytelling skills over time.

Data Privacy

We don't retain any data you submit in this feature demonstration. The AI functionality is powered by Open AI, who have their own API data usage policies.

We make use of Plausible Analytics, which gives us a privacy-focused way to collect basic analytics information for Dev Rodeo.

App Signal is used to automatically identify performance issues and errors. Sampling for this data may contain information on what's been entered into this form, and is retained for up to 30 days to help fix issues.

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